What Orthodontic Issues Can Traditional Braces Fix over Clear Aligners?

So you’re all on board for straightening your teeth and getting the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve wanted, but there’s so many treatment options for you to choose from now! You may be worried about your appearance during orthodontic treatment or you may just choose whichever treatment is going to get you to your dream smile fast. And traditional metal braces are still cool and efficient, right?

Yes, metal braces are still popular and highly-effective at treating a range of common orthodontic conditions, from simple to complex. Although metal braces are the original braces, that doesn’t mean they’ve stayed the same. In fact, metal braces have changed a lot since your mother had them as a teenager! Because of orthodontic advances, metal brackets are now less noticeable, gentle on sensitive mouths, and easy to care for!

Here’s everything you need to know about metal braces and what orthodontic issues they treat!

What’s new about metal braces?

We’re proud to use high-grade metal brackets manufactured by 3M Unitek. These metal brackets for teeth undergo rigorous testing, safety protocol, and follow strict standards. Several different types of metals, called alloys, are used to create steel braces— including titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and chromium. The blend of these metals creates a durable and comfortable appliance to provide you with the best results possible!

Metal braces are fixed to each individual tooth with non-toxic dental adhesive. A metal archwire is threaded through your brackets and held in place by elastics, more commonly known as rubber bands! At the expert hands of our orthodontists, your brackets and archwire will work together to straighten your teeth in 6 to 36 months depending on the severity of your case. 

Types of orthodontic conditions that metal braces treat

During your first visit, one of our experienced orthodontists (Dr. Gililland, Dr. O’Bannon, Dr. Pongetti or Dr. Gonder) will perform a comprehensive orthodontic exam, thoroughly assessing the position of your teeth and jawbones. Once they’ve finished their visual exam and studied your x-rays, they’ll chat with you about what types of orthodontic issues they’re seeing and which treatment options they recommend. Whether metal braces are the best treatment option for you is up to your unique smile needs and goals! 

Here’s all the common orthodontic issues that a full treatment of traditional metal braces can correct! 

  • • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • • Underbite
  • • Overbite
  • • Crossbite
  • • Open bite
  • • Spacing issues such as gapped teeth

There’s a reason traditional metal braces are still around! Not only are they incredibly effective at treating all these orthodontic issues, but they also work in perfect harmony with other orthodontic appliances (even the palatal expander). So if you have a few different orthodontic issues, you’ll be able to receive “combination” treatment if needed to correct multiple conditions at once. 

But what about clear aligners like Invisalign?

Invisalign clear aligners can treat nearly the same orthodontic conditions as metal braces, but it comes down to “know thy self”.  Invisalign ( in the right hands) can treat nearly all the same conditions as braces but requires the patient to change them and wear them according to the doctor’s instructions. Severe misalignments or jaw abnormalities are difficult to treat without the fine-tuning of metal braces or the help of surgical orthodontics first! Once one of our orthodontists have completed an orthodontic evaluation, they’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan that will deliver the best result!

Whether you’re a candidate for Invisalign treatment can also depend on the shape of your teeth too! Round, peg-shaped teeth can be difficult for Invisalign clear aligners to effectively encourage healthy tooth movement. 

Get advanced metal braces for a quick, comfortable orthodontic treatment

If you still aren’t sure which treatment is right for you, we encourage you to visit us for a complimentary consultation

Our team is here to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for you or your child’s smile. We’ll walk you through your treatment options, explain the benefits of each type of braces, and discuss your lifestyle to help you decide on the best treatment for you! 

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